Crew Management

Expert Crew management services

Empowering safe and efficient shipboard operations

Effective and safe shipboard operations are largely dependent on having a crew that is both knowledgeable and driven. The pool of seasoned officers and ratings that Kiwa Shipping Services Pte Limited oversees is made up of individuals who are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, our firm, and our vessels. Priorities include the welfare and retention of the crew, and we have strict policies and procedures in place to guarantee that high standards are met and upheld.

In order to guarantee the best individuals for all vessel trades and types, we conduct a meticulous and rigorous recruitment and screening process.

Our incredibly skilled team is motivated to provide a personal and professional service by our core values of empathy, ethics, and transparency.

Ship crew management services include:

  • Ensuring all crew meet STCW and MLC requirements
  • Recruitment, selection, planning and deployment
  • Cost-effective changes, formalities, and travel
  • Regular performance monitoring and evaluations
  • Maintaining accurate personnel records and database
  • Payroll management
  • Enhanced, vessel-specific safety training
  • Continuous cadet and officer training and development
  • Union and CBA cover and negotiations